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Vagrant plugin install complains about SSL ?

There is a long standing issue in Ruby where the net/http library by default does not check the validity of an SSL certificate during a TLS handshake. Rather than deal with the underlying problem (a missing certificate authority, a self-signed certificate, etc.) one tends to see bad hacks everywhere. This can lead to problems down the road. From what I can see the OpenSSL library that Rails Installer delivers has no certificate authorities defined. So, let’s go fetch some from the curl website. And since t

Source : Download a cacert.pem for RailsInstaller · GitHub

You should have a look to that link. Basically it will help you to get a righ certificate to avoid SSL error.

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Vagrant box AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker 1.13.0 available

Vagrant box AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker 1.13.0 is now available

Vagrant cloud:

Source code:

Related tools will be updated soon.


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AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker-vagrant-template 1.9.1

If you want some template to work with docker on your project, you may be interested with AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker-vagrant-template.

New version released for docker 1.9.1.

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AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker-vagrant-box 1.9.1 released

If you would loke to work on docker on windows, AlbanMontaigu/boot2docker-vagrant-box may be interesting for you.

New version released for docker 1.9.1.

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Navigateur Google Chrome

Un seul navigateur pour tous vos appareils

via Navigateur Google Chrome.

Bon je suis faible et j’ai honte (bis après github) mais je repasse sur chrome pour l’instant. Des petites choses qui ne vont pas sur moz notamment l’accès au site vagrant cloud qui déconne…

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